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K2 Complete 

K2 Complete Management Program

When you choose our Full Service Management Program we will:

  • Collect rents and other charges.
  • Coordinate maintenance and repairs.
  • Conduct monthly and annual property inspections, with photo documentation.
  • Handle Evictions.
  • Enforce the lease.
  • Accounting, income and expenses for your property.
  • 24 hour on-call maintenance service.
  • Direct deposit your rent into your bank account via QuickPay
  • Online access to MyProperty, View statements and rent rolls, communicate with management team, approve work orders and more!

Access to MyProperty Online:

PLUS these great advantages:

  • Online Account Access.         
  • No fees upfront.
  • 100% Tax deductible.
  • Cancel Anytime! (No cancelation fees, no complicated cancelation process!)


For only $20.00/month add our EvictionSafeguard service to ease your mind regarding expenses associated with an eviction. Sign up for this service and we will prepare and file your paperwork, plus cover all associated fees, attorney costs and filing and attend the initial eviction hearing.

Tenant Guaranty - 9 Month Tenant Warranty.

No fine print! No excuses! We will warranty our tenants for free. If for any reason our tenant is in default of the lease, we will assist you in the eviction/removal process and find you a new tenant at no additional charge.

Our Monthly Charges**:

  • 1 Property at $80.00/Door
  • 2-4 Properties at $70.00/Door
  • 5-10 Properties at $60.00/Door
  • 10+ Properties as low as $40.00/Door call for custom quote.

**We charge a one-time set-up fee of $99.

The K2Team will assist with all evictions however the attorney’s fees and filing fees typically average around $850.00 - $1,250.00 to facilitate and process the eviction. Add EvictionSafeguard for $20.00/month to eliminate eviction expenses!

Placement Guaranty

Benefits of K2’s PlacementGuaranty program:
1. Gives you the property owner piece of mind!
2. Minimizes risk for you the property owner.
3. Adds accountability to property manager to place only high quality tenants.
4. Increases profits, by eliminating costly new commissions!
5. Increases value proposition of the tenant placement fee and monthly management fee.
6. Covers not only a bad tenant, but a bad economy.
7. Makes renting safer for you the property owner!


K2Properties knows your property is more than a rental. K2's professional landlords are hard at work to help alleviate rental angst. The K2Team will be tireless in our efforts, strong and straight forward in character, accountable for our actions, 100% dependable, and focused on value. We know every property owner has three fears. The renters wont pay rent, the renter may damage the rental, and the eviction process is costly and timely. We have three services that will alleviate nearly all risk. Ask about our EvictionSafeguard Plan, and Full Service Property Protection Plan to alleviate your rental angst. We stand against avoidable angst over renting, and stand for the freedom to rent with confidence! To learn more about our award first class services call us today.

  • Random and routine property inspections
  • Around-the-clock, in-house maintenance services
  • Use of discounted partner vendors to maximize efficiencies and your bottom line.
  • EvictionSafeguard Plan
  • Full-Service Property Protection Plan

All Property Managers & Assistants are licensed and/or authorized employees of the Real Estate Brokerage.


K2 Collect

Rent Collection and Records


  • Collect rents and other charges.
  • Post rent collection notices.
  • Maintain tenant ledgers.
  • Escrow Security Deposits.
  • Direct deposit your rent into your bank account via QuickPay.
  • Online access to MyProperty, View statements and rent rolls, communicate with management team, approve work orders and more!


  • 1 Property, $50.00/Door Flat Fee
  • 2-5 Properties, $40.00/Door Flat Fee
  • 6-10 Properties, $30.00/Door Flat Fee

K2 Placement

When you choose our Qualified Tenant PLACEMENT Program we will:

  • Provide a free rental analysis.
  • Advertise your property on over 230+ websites at no cost to you, including the sites listed below:
    • Much more, all at no cost to you
  • Property showings.
  • Background, Criminal, and Credit Checks.
  • Rental Lease Agreement Preparation.
  • Document Back Up.

PLUS these great advantages:

  • No fees upfront.
  • Non-exclusive representation.
  • 100% Tax deductible.
  • Free 6 month tenant warranty on all placed tenants.

K2 Placement Pricing:

  • Lease 0-12 months: $799.00
  • Lease Renewals or Other Document Preparation: $199.00 Flat Fee
  • Lease Signing and Documentation: $399.00 Flat Fee
  • Discounted fees for all renewals!