Investment Prop #1

By The Numbers

Listing Cap. Rate = 9.5%
1 Year Cash on Cash Return = 10.5%
5 Year Projected ROI = 9.8%
20 Year Projected ROI = 12.5%
Current Gross Rents = ##
Projected NOI = ##
Before Tax Cash Flow / MO = ##
After Tax Cash Flow = ##
Cash Required for Acquisition = ## 
DSCR = ##

Property Description

11 Two Bedroom 1 Bathroom Apartments, Rents range from 550/Door – 650/Door Loca>on

Grade: C
Building Grade: C
Overall Property Class:


As I See It

What about this property appeals to me?

Potential upside opportunity...
Potential investment risks... 

Interested In
Knowing More?

What assumptions have been made and why? What is a cap rate? What is behind“By the Numbers?” Can you explain to me the property class? 

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